Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 9 (noon and afternoon) - The Lake Inle (cont.) - Lunch at a restaurant on a floating garden; traditional silver jewellery production workshop - The 20th of November 2015

We stopped at a nice looking restaurant on a floating garden, which had several stillted galleries. We got accommodated at one of those and had a nice fish meal. The view was overwhelming but I think we were too tired and hungry to pay the attention it deserved.

It had been a fairly "active" morning with many interesting visits which we were still "digesting", together with the fact that we would soon leave Myanmar behind and that was beginning to settle into our minds.

In no time we found ourselves back into the lake waters on our way to a traditional silver jewellery production workshop. We were approached by several women on flat canoes trying to sell some of their traditional goods. There's one I particularly recall because there was a young child with her, whom I managed to hand some gifts to, which she paid with a discreet smile.

The moment we walked into the silver jewellery manufacturing room where a few teenagers and young men were working we were blown away by the beauty of the traditional pieces. Again the meticulousness involved caught my attention.  We all bought hand-made silver and some of us even gold made pieces ... it was almost inevitable. I ended up buying a traditional design necklace in silver, which I intend to use with the equally traditional longyis I have bought.

The traditional silver necklace I bought

(To be continued)


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