Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 6 (afternoon) - Bagan, Southern Plain - The Manuha Temple - The 17th of November 2015

According to tradition the Manuha Temple bears the name of the one who had it built, the captive King of Thaton, in 1059, who fearing he would be reincarnated as a temple slave sold some of his jewels to finance such a construction hoping thereby to improve his karma for future lives.

" Whithersoever I migrate in samsâra, may I never be conquered by another - the captive King's words.

Statue depicting King Manuha and his wife, Queen Ningala Devi to Nagayona

One reclined and three seated Buddha images cramped within narrow confined spaces are said to symbolise the distressed soul of the defeated Mon King, which I found to be rather impressive in terms of the symbolic approach, despite the fact that it was painful to photograph them with those I managed to not coming out as they might under easier circumstances. Of the four Buddha's images only the reclining figure entering Nirvana seems to express a smile showing that only through death would he be released from his suffering.

(To be continued)

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