Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 6 (morning cont.) - Bagan, the Nyaung Oo market (cont.) - The 17th of November 2015


Outside the enclosed market place there were quite a few stalls selling handicraft goods. Some of us bought some longyi tissues which had to be sewn, which meant we had to head towards the tailor and seamstress area, where in a similar way to what happens in many Asian and African countries they had they ready within a few minutes, as we continued walking about the market.

The cotton and silk longyi tissue I bought

I was astonishingly surprised to be approached by a lady I had briefly met the previous evening as we were getting off the boat and whom I had given some toys to for her children. She made her way to the market to show me one of the children I hadn't seen the day before, though the child was rather shy and kept on hiding herself from me.
Some straw made objects were quite nice but difficult to bring back home because of their size and that applied to the colourful bird's houses.
As we were on our way out I sighted a lady "playing" with a movable paper toy, which slid along the pathway in either slow or fast paced moves as in accordance with the way she pulled the strings. I watched her for a few moments and felt tempted to buy it but didn't as the guide stood next to the bus waiting for the "late" comers.

A repetitive sound of voices caught my attention as I was boarding the bus, until I realised it was coming from groups of children sitting on the ground at a public garden on the left of the parking area.


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