Monday, 7 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 4 (afternoon) - Mandalay, Sagain - lunch at a local restaurant ; Crossing the Myitnge river onto Inwa (Ava), on the way to Bagaya Kyaung Monastery - The 15th of November 2015

We had a quick Chinese- Burmese lunch at a local Sagain restaurant before heading to Inwa, known in British times as Ava and by its former inhabitants as Ranapura (city of gems), which was founded in 1364 by King  Thadominbya, having later served as the capital of the Konbaung dinasty.

We reached Inwa by boat on a  10 minute short crossing of the Myitnge river bounding the east of the site we were going to visit. We then had to transfer to horse-carts carrying two people each on what ended up being a rather slow tour along the unpaved roads from which we could see pagoda ruins, gilded shrines among the fields, women working along them as hard as any man would, stretches of water bearing lotus flowers and above all a quiet enchanting-like atmosphere.

(To be continued)

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