Friday, 4 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 3 (afternoon) - Boat trip up the Ayeyarwady river on the way to Mingun - The 14th of November 2015

The boat trip up the Ayeyarwardy river to Mingun, located about 10 kilometres northwest of Mandalay, took approximately one hour and was a fairly pleasant one. The boat captain unexpectely sold books, postcards, pins and bookmarkers onboard, which were of very good quality and which many of us bought (I included).

The moment we sighted the unfinished Mingun Mantara Gyi pagoda on the bank of the river it did really look like a large mound, as in accordance with what had been written in books and we were all looking forward to set foot on land so as to satisfy our "visual" curiosity.

(to be continued)

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