Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 6 (morning cont.) - Bagan, the Nyaung Oo market - The 17th of November 2015


The principal hub for the archaelogical zone of Bagan is Nyaung Oo, a busy little riverside market town, just 5 kilometres north of the walled village of Old Bagan. We visited its market place for about one hour and did enjoy it very much. Not only did we come across "goods" we had never seen before but also got acquainted with some Burmese traditions, amongst which were the betel leaves and the importance they played in the receiving of guests in the past.

Some of the "unknown" vegetables and desserts had already been included in our daily Burmese cuisine approach, despite the fact that we didn't immediately identify them.





Somewhere along our market "discovery" we came across nuns collecting alms and naturally getting them without too much effort mainly because the fraternity spirit is embedded in the Burmese way of being, as we had had the opportunity of noticing several times before. I feel many of us should learn a lot with the Burmese type of approach to life and the fellow companions.

(To be continued)

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