Friday, 11 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 6 (evening) - Bagan, Horse cart trip to the Centre of Old Bagan - The Shwesandaw Pagoda - sunset viewing - The 17th of November 2015

We headed towards the centre of Old Bagan on horse carts, each of which carrying two people, so as to observe the sunset from one of the highest pagodas, the Shwesandaw Pagoda,  affording spectacular views across the temple-strewn plains. It was an interesting journey though photographing "on the move" was particularly difficult.

The cylindrical stupa standing on an octagonal platform was already filled with sunset sighting "spotters" waiting for the magic moment. Apart from the difficulty associated with the high step climbing once I reached the terraced platform I was pushed around and hardly managed to get an adequate place to photograph from.
The transition from a rather blurry sort of sight onto a golden orange one was brief. Some people got irresponsibly crazy and climbed onto dangerous and theorethically innaccessible places which led to the intervention of the local police gardians, who must be used to those types of behavioural attitudes.

Climbing down implied patience as it took a while to have such a high number of people move about orderly.

I felt it had nevertheless been worth it as an end of the day experience ... (though at the time I didn't know I was in for another evening surprise ...)

(To be continued)

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