Monday, 21 December 2015

Paris - Day 2 (morning cont.) - Guimet Museum (cont.) - Tibetan, Chinese and Afghan artefacts; temporary exhibition - "Couleurs sur papier - La dynastie Choson (1392-1910)" - The 23rd of November 2015


I made my way onto an upper floor where Tibetan, Chinese and Afghan artefacts were on display. Some of them really impressed me. My legs started aching from standing up whilst admiring such beauty but I didn't feel as if I should either sit for a while or even leave. 

Cakrasmanvara and his wife - Western Tibet - c.1500 (left). Mahakla, the doctrine guardian - Tibet - 1292 (right).


Hayagriva and his wife - Meridional Tibet - c. 16th century.

Tutelar Deity Samvara - Western Tibet - 16th-17th century.

Sitatapatra Deity - Eastern Tibet - 2nd part of the 18th century.

Emperor We Liang as he joins the Buddhist community - China - Ming Dinasty -1368-1644.

Sitting Arhat - China - Liao Dinasty - 947-1125

Northern China - Tang Dinasty - 8th century (left). Bodhisattva - Northern Wei Dinasty - 386-534 (right).

Musician - China- Tang Dinasty - 7th century (right).

Salabhanjika - Afghanistan - Shotorak Monastery - 2nd-3rd century (left).


 Buddha - Afghanistan - Ghorband Valley - Fondukistan Monastery - 7th century.

As I was leaving I noticed there was  a temporary exhibition on colour applied to paper dating back to the Cooson Dinasty (1392-1910) so I decided to walk in to soon be mesmerised by the some of the sketches which were really fine.

"The visit of the Governor to Pyongyan" - 19th century (left). "Foreign emissaries outside the Palace entrance" (detail) - 18th century (right).

"Celestial messengers" - 17th-18th century

"Sansin, the Deity of the mountains" - 18th century (left). "Taoist immortals" - 19th century (right) .

"Portrait of Government staff member" - 18th-19th century (left). "Portrait of the Minister Cho Man-yong" - 1845 (right).

"Visit of Liu Bang to the Zhuge Liang Hermitage (details) - 19th century

I had completely lost track of time until I realised I had spent all morning and most part of the afternoon inside the Guimet Museum, but it was really worth it and I can't exclude the possibility of going back some other time.


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