Friday, 18 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 10 (last moments and last considerations) - Yangon - On the way to the airport; Hsin Hpyu Daw Park; Yangon airport lounge - The 21st of November 2015

On the way to the airport we stopped briefly at Hsin Hpyu Daw park to see  a trio of rare white elephants (more pinkish-light brown in colour and technically albinos) traditionally regarded as conferring good luck on aocuntry's rulers, therefore being most sought and protected by the regime military officers. They were hobbled by chains  in a concrete pagoda with a rather limited walking area, which was rather sad.

Upon reaching the airport where we would later board a Vienam airlines aircraft to Paris via Hanoi I felt a certain degree of sadness. I had particularly loved the country, the people ... the Burmese culture and the way the circuit had been organised.

Looking at the walls where some huge silver figures depicted Burmese historic characters and the whole wall covering painting a traditional event I felt I would miss the spirit of pride in one's country I had felt in almost every Burmese I came across.

I would almost certainly talk about the extraordinary experience I had lived and praise the heroic, calm, contempted and loving people I had got to know. 

As I walked onto the boarding gate I  discreetly looked back and wished I had not gone through the check-in and heading back home.

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