Monday, 21 December 2015

Paris - Day 2 (afternoon and evening) - On the way back to the Hotel - Dinner at a small restaurant in the Montmartre area - The 23rd of November 2015

As I made my way back to the hotel I noticed it was quite bright, still cold but in fact particularly agreable. Having reached the Gare Saint Lazare I crossed over and spent about one hour at FNAC, which I cannot help going to whenever I am in France, once music and book novelties always seem to reach us much later.

Evening came and with it an invitation by a trip companion to join him at a local restaurant in the area, which I would never have found, had I been on my own. Discreetly located around a corner, the restaurant was very cosy and the food particularly good and well presented. I really enjoyed the evening.

 Photos of the restaurant and dinner taken with my mobile phone.

Paris had won me back ... The "traumatic" situation which had happened to me back in 2013 in this same area was finally begining to fade away and I felt I was in my element once more, unafraid of exploring the city as if I were exploring it for the first time ever.

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