Monday, 21 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 1 (afternoon) - Around the Strand The 26th of November 2015

Mia and I reached Liverpool in the afternoon and it wasn't but when we set foot in the city centre area after having hopped off at Liverpool One Bus Station that I realised it was Christmas time. I had been out of Europe for a fortnight and amazingly enough my head was still in Myanmar ... (and maybe my heart as well) though I had no intention of not taking advantage of the three days my daughter and I were spending in British territory.

We walked along the Strand shopping area in search of our hotel on North John's street, so as to drop off our backpacks and go back out again to get the feeling of the city. It was quite cold but fortunately not raining as we had been expecting.

Having been known as the home-city of the Beatles, everywhere we looked Liverpool seemed to pay its respect to the "Four lads who shook the world".

By six it was pitch dark (how I had forgotten what it was like in Europe during the winter!...), so we headed back to the Hotel in time to have cheese and wine as a hotel courtesy for the guests.

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