Monday, 7 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 4 (evening) - Amarapura, Taunghaman lake U Bein's Bridge - sunset - The 15th of November 2015

By the time we reached the 1,2 km U Bein's bridge by the Taunghaman lake so as to watch the sunset it was already filled with people. The bridge is said to have been built with teak planks by the King Bodawpaya's mayor, whose name it bears. It has been little altered in two centuries and that is one of its beauties.  Tea stalls  dotted along the bridge provide much needed shade during the day, as well as "protection" for people who feel uneasy walking along any given space without lateral protecting rails (this being my case) and more so with such a number of people pushing about to get the best photographing perspective.

Just seconds prior to the sunset I sighted someone on the right hand side bank wearing a wedding dress (or so it looked) and a little bit further along the bridge another such situation. I believe  wedding photos taken in such scenic setting must look amazingly beautiful. 

Quite a few boats seemed to have been hired by foreigners for such an sunset event, I wish I had taken one of those or eventually been courageous enough to have walked all the way to the end of the bridge, which is said to take about fifteen minutes (under different circumstances). Despite the fear, I was among the 4 in our group who ventured onto that bridge "adventure" which was really worth it because of the uniqueness of its surrounding landscape.

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