Friday, 18 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 10 (morning) - Yangon - Strolling around the down town area - The 21st of November 2015

Before we headed to the down town area of Yangon we walked into one of the major city temples 's stalls so as to buy papier machê animals we hadn't found anywhere else and which some of the people in the group were interested in. I sat on the Temple's stairs as I unexpectedly started throwing up. I was feeling slightly feeverish, (a mild stomach problem ... maybe or a reaction to something I might have eaten in the morning breakfast).

By the time we reached the centre of the town I was feeling slightly better  and strolling around without any specific direction in the morning breeze felt good. I just focused my attention and adjusted my camera lenses to "details", some of which might look irrelevant but somehow different from the day-to-day routine or the architectural features I am used to. 

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