Monday, 21 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 2 (morning cont.) - The Albert Dock area - The 27th of November 2015


It is said that once hundreds toiled at Albert Dock loading and unloading cargoes in and out of the 1846 warehouses now transformed into a rather unique mixture of restaurants, shops and Museums. We found the explanations provided on outside panels to be of great use so as to understand  what we were being given the possibility to see, such as the dazzle ships or even some of the statues.
We opted not to visit any of the four Museums in the area (The Merseyside Maritime Museum, The International Slavery Museum, The Museum of Liverpool and the Tate Liverpool, unless we had time (on the last day), once we had a very tight schedule.

Legacy sculpture by Mark DeGraffenried - 2001 to commemorate those who embarked on a brave and peioneeringvoyage from Liverpool to start a new life in America (right).

 (To be continued)


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