Monday, 7 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 4 (late morning) - Mandalay, Amarapura - On the way to Sagain hill, Aung Myae Oo monastic school for young nun novices - The15th of November 2015

We had to move from our bus onto some truck that would take us up onto the Sagain hill, an important religious and monastic centre. As we crossed the Yadanabon bridge and were driving up we suddenly came across a monastic centre for nun novices where we stopped for a few minutes, once the girls were having a school break, which would allow us to approach them and not interfere with their classroom studies.

The girls seemed quite happy as they skip jumped and played other games similar to the ones Western children would under the same circumstances. We were allowed in one of the Six grade classrooms just to get a feeling of what it looked like, and again I felt it wasn't much different from any I had seen around the world.
Having access to free education must be a treat and I am sure children take advantage of that unique opportunity. One of the girls took a special liking on me and although I felt tempted to hand her out something refrained myself from doing so, as I wasn't carrying enough things to distribute to them all.


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