Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 8 (afternoon cont.) - On the way to Nyaung Shwe - Village festivity - The 19th of November 2015


As we were driving by a village our guide realised there was a festivity going on so upon her suggestion we got off the bus and ventured into the crowded lanes of the village where the strident noise produced by the musical instruments and the drumming were infernal yet appealling. The enthusiasm of those parading was noticeable and according to Chocho strongly associated to drinking effects.
We were the only group of foreigners amidst the locals and were smooth and naturally accepted despite the fact that they soon realised we didn't understand a thing of what was going on as far as traditional festivities are concerned.

Young ladies dressed in a wide variety of local colourful costumes according to the tribes they were from gathered along the village main muddy road (it had been raining) and I don't think any of us could take our eyes from them, not only did they look beautiful but there was something about their posture that transpired "nobility".

The village "mayor" came around to invite us to a special meal prepared by the villagers, which we gladly accepted despite having had lunch recently. According to local tradition our refusal would be interpreted as a lack of deference and respect. We shared the meal with them (I wish I had photographed it though I felt I shouldn't) and even ate with our hands.

"Curiosity" took a different turn the moment everyone in my group decided to go on the amusement park area and on a funfair ride. I watched as the villagers looked at "us" in utter disbelief, with some of them (the ones who had mobile phones") taking photos. They were clearly amused with the fact that we also rode on those.

Just before we got bak onto the bus we tried out some really tasty pancakes a street vendor was preparing. None of us risked the sweet fried feet of fowl though.

We all loved the unexpected and unscheduled "treat" ... It was definitely an interesting experience ...


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