Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 5 (evening) - Bagan hotel check-in and dinner - The 16th of November 2015

Having had no pictures taken during the boat journey I decided to do it myself the moment I saw a mirror in the hotel bedroom. We had an early dinner in which I finally took the first group photo of my trip companions.

The fact that the group was a small one allowed us to get acquainted with each other better than if we had been a larger group. As with any other daily gatherings one may get along better with one or two people and in this particular case, despite enjoying the presence of all the members of the group,

I felt I got closer to a Spaniard traveller (behavioural attitudes together with the similarity of the language which we also often spoke drew us closer as well) and two of the ladies, one in particular for being very similar to me in terms of interests and having virtually the same likings whenever it came to selecting some piece of handicraft.

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