Monday, 28 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 2 (afternoon) - Walker Art Gallery - The 27th of November 2015

Having read that Walker Art Gallery housed one of Europe's greates collections of fine and decorative Art determined what we visited next, so it was with a great enthusiasm that we made it to one of its galleries on the ground floor - the sculpture room with various sculptures of John Gibson and his circle.

We then walked into a gallery standing next door which displayed an array of different objects amongst which I came across a glazed Delftware tile panel, a few earthen ware jugs dated 1800-1830, as well as an incredibly beautiful fairy-tale tile panel - "Cinderella" by William Morris  made in 1863.

The numerous galeries of paintings were on the first floor where we headed to afterwards and spent most of afternoon. I decided to photograph just a few of the ones that impressed me most.

Dante's dream by Dante Gabriel Rossetti - 1828-82.
Said to have admired Dante's autobiographical poem - Vita Nuova about the Medieval Italian poet's passion for Beatrice Portinari, Rossetti therefore painted his muse as Beatrice on the day, which according to Dante's dream Beatrice died.

Women of Phoenicia by Robert Fowler - 1899
This scene which depicts two women gazing languidly out to sea may be related to the tragedy of Euripedes.

The punishment of lust by Giovanni Segantini - 1891.
This painting is based on the 12th century poem - Nirvana, which describes the progress of a neglected mother through the Buddhist purgatory, with the tree symbolising the tree of life.

Flower sellers of London by Gustave Doré .
According to the painter's biographer Gustave is said to have been touched by the sad beauty he found in poor street flower sellers during his continuous trips to London.

Eventide- a scene at the Westminster Union by Hubert Herkomer - 1849-1914.
The fact that the painter was the son of a family that had emigrated to England may have fuelled his later socialist-realist paintings of working class people and ethnic minorities.

A struggle for existence - Wolves by Bouverie Goddard - 1879

Old man's treasure - Das Katzchen  by Carl Gussow in 1876

L'Italienne by André Derain - 1921-1924

Liverpool from Egremont by John Henry Williams in 1859

A street in Brittani by Stanhope Alexander Forbes - 1881
Painted in a small fishing village near St. Malo whilst the painter was still an Art student in Paris this painting is considered one of his first major paintings.

Springtime in Eksdale by James McIntosh Patrick - 1935

Two Jamaican girls by Augustus John - 1937

Amity by Bernard Fleetwood- Walker - 1933

Interior at Paddington - Harry Diamond's portrait  by Lucien Freud - 1950

French cyclists with a girl by Christopher Wood - 1925

A song by Cecil Collins - 1934

This precious visited ended with  a sculpture on the main first floor hall. It wasn't but the next day that we realised that despite our carefulness we had missed three special rooms, which we no longer would be able to visit, at least during that trip.

Danaid by August Rodin - 1901
According to the legend Danaid was one of the 50 daughters of the ancient Greek King Danaus, who ordered them to kill their husbands on their wedding night. The women were condemned to spend their eternity in hell, endlessly trying to fill leaking jugs with water.

It was raining heavily as we left the Museum, but because we had intended to visit St. George's Hall just across the road we ventured into the uncomfortable weather.


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