Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My Liverpool trip -. Day 3 (morning cont.) - Chester, Chester Cathedral - The 28th of November 2015


Dating from 1093 and the early 16th century the Chester Cathedral has often been restored. We didn't initially realise how big it was as we wandered about its cloisters lined with Christmas trees decorated artistically.

Once we set foot in its interior I was immediately drawn to some mosaic covered walls, which I tried to photograph despite the gloomy-like atmosphere. I was soon attracted by the wooden quadripartite vault of the choir, which I didn't manage to photograph, as well as the high altar with its reredos and the tile floor of the nave.
Some isolated elements were highlighted as I wandered about, amongst which were the nave lectern, the choil , which I later realised dated from the early fourteenth century and the West window twentieth century stainglass by Carter Shepland.

What seemed rather interesting was the fact that Charles Dickens's characters had become part of the Cathedral's attractions in as much as the Ghost of Jacob Marly, Scrooge in his counting House  with Bob Cratchit and even Scrooge's graveyard with the ghost of Christmas yet to come were "embedded" in various locations of its interior and exterior, all of which apart from extracts from Charles Dicken's tale had "pauses for thought" taken from the Bible were copied down.


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