Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 9 (morning cont.) - The Lake Inle (cont.) - Traditional Burmese handicraft arts and cheeroot production workshop - The 20th of November 2015


Our discovery of traditional Arts along the shores of the Inle Lake continued all throughout the morning, though we didn't spend too long on any of the workshops we visited from then on, taking into account the limited time we had to catch an afternoon flight back to Rangoon.
We had a rather brief stop at a workshop producing handicraft cuttlery, bells, spades, scissors and other similar objects before we continued towards a cheeroot production workshop, despite the fact that I was the only smoker in the travelling group.
They were both interesting so as to get an idea of what the Intha everlasting Arts and crafts are about and the amount of people who work along the tradition oriented crafts along the shores.
The scenary  had slightly changed from the one we had been exposed to some hours earlier ... the colours were  paradise-like  and seemed to blend harmoniously with the specks of bright coloured walls of some houses. Blue and green were the predominant colours ... and I had been "taken" by them ... 


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