Sunday, 20 December 2015

Temporary exhibition at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga- The Masaveu collection, Lisboa - The 19th of December 2015

The temporary exibition of paintings and a few sculptures pertaining to the Masaveu collection on display at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is as the ones which have been recently  exhibitted very rich and well organised. 

I was able to admire some of my favourite painters' s artistic works, amongst which el Greco, Francisco Zurbaran and naturally Joaquim Sorolla and Bastida's, whom I had seen in various Museums in Spain over the last years but also get to know some of the amazingly work production of the so called "Golden Age" Spanish painters like  Santiago Russiñol, Mariano Fortuny y Marsal, Ramon Casas, Vicente Lopéz and the Melendéz, as well as Goya's bullfighting paintings. 

One wasn't allowed to take picures, which was a bit of pity. but the good thing was that although I hadn't bought a guided visit I ended up over hearing what the guide close to me was saying and it was extraordinary to afterwards be able to look at some of the details referred to one woudn't otherwise be able to focus on.

"The disrobing of Christ" - El Greco

Whilst most of the painters hadn't more than three or four paintings on display at the most, Francisco Sorolla and Bastida had a few, which covered his different artistic production, though the ones I have managed ot get from the internet are just sea related.

The swimmers (left) and Boats ashore (right).

This visit to the National Museum, which I stronly advise Art lovers not to miss ended up being the perfect cultural venue for a gloomy grayish-like Saturday.

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