Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 2 (morning cont.) - St. Vincents Roman Catholic Church façade; Liverpool Cathedral - The 27th of November 2015


From the Albert dock we went across so as to intiate our climb towards the Catheral. We stopped by St. Vincents Roman Catholic church, which was closed and at whose entrance somebody had left a pair of blue gloves in a rather disrespectful gesture-like position.

The Liverpool Cathedral despite having been commissioned in 19013 was only completed in 1978. Although the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's initial plan was to build two towers it evolved into a single tall one of just overe 101 metres high.

Some works of  contemporary Art displaying completely different styles did catch my attention, from the Risen Christ by the British sculptor Dame Elizabet Frink above the west door to the stained glass windows, many of which were rather modern, the paintings in the choir stalls and some along its corridors of which I would highlight Adrian Wiszniewski's, as well as "the outraged Christ" wooden sculpture by Charles Lutyens.

I am not so sure I'd be in favour of having them incorporated in the Cathedral, once at times it was as if they they didn' fit in there (my personal opinion), though I must say I do admire the person who took the initiative to commission them.

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