Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 8 (afternoon) - On the way to Nyaung Shwe - rice threshing - The 19th of November 2015

We were to soon stop by the road so as to see  a group of villagers threshing the rice using the old non-mechanical process. We had to venture into the upper fields where they were working and despite the fact that initially they carried on with their work without seemingly taking any notice of our scrutinizing eyes one of the women in the group of villagers soon addressed our guide. There were some hilarious moments in which they didn't seem to fully understand each other as the villager spoke with a strong local Shan accent which posed some difficulties.

Three of us approached a small group of children by a tree further afield and there the dialogue was even more difficult with the children looking at us in absolute astonishment. We were told by Chocho that the group that had gathered were all neighbours from the same village helping one another when it came to giving a hand with the crops.


Rice in Myanmar remains the  country's most important crop with more than 8 million hectares of land devoted to irrigated rice farming.

(To be continued)

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