Monday, 28 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 3 (early morning) - Stanley Street; On our way to Chester; Chester streets - The 28th of November 2015

It was quite cold and raining heavily the third morning we spent in Liverpool. We made our way to the Lime street Station so as to catch a train heading to Chester where we had planned to spend the whole morning. As

As we stopped on Stanley street we came across the famous bronze sculpture of Eleonor Rigby, one of Beatles' well known songs with its "magical" objects including a Bible, sonnets for love and a clover leaf.

We managed to get the nine o'clock train, having reached Chester approximately one hour later. It was raining as well but that didn't prevent us from walking along the rows of brick houses followed by the typical Chester black-and-white "double decker" shopping streets as we headed towards the city's Cathedral. The streets were crowded with people clearly carrying out their Christmas' shopping.

(To be continued)

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