Thursday, 31 March 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (first day - afternoon) - Photographing the children who would like to have "godparents"; the handing out of a few more presents; dinner at Marlene's - The 24th of March 2016

I ended up photographing a few children who would like to have "godparents" and I feel eventually get some toys. The problem is not getting them some and even some new colourful clothes, but being able to transport them. 

Though I kept on saying I couldn't promise them anything I'd like to be able to meet some of their expectations and not let them down. I'll have to find a way out, I know but I'll give my best to solve the problematic circunstance arising from the lack of space and the probable overweight when I travel there next time


Marlene, whose cooking skills had us all mesmerised the previous times we stayed at Miramaio came around to tell us she was pregnant and not working at the pension anymore (which we had already noticed) and upon having suggested she would cook something for us we proposed we would then pay her approximately what we were used to pay her before.

We soon noticed we wouldn't be able to hand out many more presents because it was getting darker and  therefore a lot more difficult to take outside photos, so we called off the handing out having postponed it to the following day afternoon though I still managed to hand Djamila hers once she had finally got herself a "godmother", Sandra.

Having noticed the mayor's car was outside his new house, just behind the pension I ventured across so as to thank him and his wife for having provided us with the transport from the capital city but by the time I had walked those few metres the car was gone and nobody was in.

I had worked all afternoon with Noelle beside me and was convinced we had handed out a lot more presents than we actually did, because by the time we had counted the number of presents lying on the floor of our bedroom there were still 64 to be distributed.

We were collected by Marlene's eldest daughter Leiziny because the family was no longer living in the same rented house I had been to before, and prior to having sat at the table to have dinner I insisted on handing out the presents, firstly to Edeson, whose "godmother" is my own daughter Mia, and the others afterwards.

Edeson with the presents bought by Mia (left) and Noëlle's (right).

It was then Veronica Conceição's turn  to see what Marta had sent her, followed by Leiziny.

Leiziny opening up the presents sent by her "godmother" Adelaide.

Marlene was the next one to receive hers because the truth is no one who ever gets in touch with this particularly talented young lady, whose life has been rather difficult, can forget her. Those who have travelled with me to Calheta over the years might have forgotten some of the local people's names but they often (if not almost always) ask about Marlene.

Under normal circumstances we would have stayed over ata her place talking but it was clear to us she looked exhausted, so we left soon after dinner.

Amongst some of her children's photos in the dining room I came across one of my daughter's.

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (first day - afternoon) - The handing out of the presents - The 24th of March 2016

Back at the pension we handed out a few more presents to the many children who were awaiting our return from the harbour. Some of the money for the school needs was ensured by a number of people, who not being "godparents" covered for the expenses of those who didn't hand out the money. Many of the children didn't ask questions as to why they were being handed out money by people whose names they had never heard of before but a few did, which meant I had to lie as I had no intention to hurt the children by saying their former "godparents" had forgotten about the responsibilities they had once said they would assume.

The first ones to be handed out the presents and the money for the school needs were Filomena and Melissa, whose "godmothers" are Mª João and Ana Mafalda, though in the case of Filomena it was Noëlle and I who provided for some pocket money.

Eunice de Jesus was handed out some presents I bought for her, whilst the money for the school needs was provided  by Paulinha. A similar situation happened in regards to Neuza and her cousin Simone whose presents I provided for, whilst the money for the school needs was ensured by Dona Elisa and Cecília respectively. 
Elias and Hélida were then handed the presents and money for the school needs by their respective "godparents, Gabriela and Lurdes, followed by the siblings Eunice and Elcy, whose godparents happen to be the couple Luis and Cátia and Lourdes and I respectively.

Elcy (left) and her sister Eunice (right).

Carla Verónica seemed particularly happy because I managed to get her a new (hopefully more responsible) "godmother", Tânia who sent her quite a few things, whilst Adelça got the things I bought for her with the money for the school needs  having been provided by a colleague of mine, Santa.

Artemisa, who has also "lost" her "godmother" received quite a few presents I bought for her together with a skirt Dulce was kind enough to hand me out (the money for the school needs having been provided by Cecília) and Lúcia whose "godmother" for some unquestionably important reason didn't get the chance to hand me out her presents got nevertheless a new blouse Santa bought for her and had the money for the school needs provided by Sandra Leitão.
Silvana having also had her "godmother" substituted got quite a few things, as well as the money provided by Isabel.

I had taken a photo of a young boy last year and having remembered his rather shy smile decided to buy him some presents. He has now considered me his "godmother", a new responsibility I will not turn my back onto. So as from this day on David, whose name I got to find out in the letter he himself handed me out, I won't mind being in "charge"of his necessities, if nobody "chooses" him.

Juliza came afterwards and was given the things her "godmother Isabel Mègre sent her together with the money for the school needs.

Tânia's little "goddaughter" must be the child who mostly expresses her feelings whenever she gets something whether it is a toy or  a dress. She has an almost contagious way of showing her happiness.

 The last handing out of  the afternoon was to the siblings Osvaldino and Eduardo, who got the presents and the money for their school needs from their "godmothers", Teresa and Mª João respectively and despite being rather introverted they managed to smile, Osvaldino in a more open way though I could see Eduardo's eyes shining through.