Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (first day - morning cont.) - The handing out of the presents - The 24th of March 2016


Noëlle and I having spread most of the presents filled up two bags with those we would be able to hand out to the Landim family up hill, where we were expected for lunch. 

Sonia, having felt slightly dizzy managed somehow to follow us  along the rather steep path heading towards the bay. Everytime I look at the odd construction that delimits the area, which his immigrant owner must feel is particularly beautiful, I feel sad because it definitely spoils the overall architectural atmosphere of Calheta.

Just before having reached the fishing port area we met Viviane (on the left) and Veronica Conceição (right) in their High School uniforms heading back home.

We came across Dina and her baby Dayane, whom I handed the first present to before having knocked at Sandra's  for Noëlle to say hello, once she has been helping her daughter. We ended up meeting her and her mother but soon found out that Erica wouldn't be back but late in the afternoon, which left Noëlle a lot more anxious.

We stopped twice on the way up hill. Upon having reached the Landin's we started  distributing the presents to Leidina (the youngest child of the family) who always walks around as if she were a model  as she wears the new clothes whenever her "godmother" Carla Oliveira sends them to her.

It was Leinira's turn afterwards and as she let herself be photographed with the things I had bought for her, I realised she was particularly enthusiastic with the new silk dress.

Lou chose to let herself be photographed wearing one of the colourful blouses her "godmother" Celeste sent her.

Little Luana, who happens to be a neighbour of the Landin's came along to get her presents and as always greeted us with a luminous smile. She chose not to wait till she changed into the new dress Lucia bought for her and put it on top of what she was already wearing, so as not to waist any time. She soon went off carrying the red bag filled with books, colouring books and other small treats.

Little Malica came along with her sister to collect her presents having a completely different attitude. She seemed rather shy as she held the presents and put on a new sleeveless cardigan on. I was the one to have bought her the presents, but Inês who sent her some money for the forthcoming school needs will be her "godmother".

Veronica was the next to be handed her "godother's presents and the meny for the school needs. Having felt that Dora had sent her very few things I personally took the decision to buy her a new dress and some jewellery to go with, once she was a rather special student of mine some years back and I wanted her to feel eqaully special.  

The siblings Carla and Iolanda, as well as the siblings Silvia and Isidora were particularly happy with the presents their "godmother" Filomena sent them and which they soon put back into the new back packs, though to "balance" out the number of things each of them received, Filomena and I decided to further add three dresses given by Elsa, 

Because they have all been helped by the same person over the course of the last two years and a half I decided to have them take a photo together.

Lili, whose photo I had brought back with me one year and a half ago,  was finally able to get the first presents ever. Dadi, who decided to become her "godmother" and happens to be a friend of another "godmother" had fallen in love with her upon having seen her photograph. Judging from her rather contained smile I'd say Lili fell in love with her "godmother" as well.

Before sitting down at the table to have lunch, prepared by the eldest daughter of the Landin's, once Nate, was ot working, I took one last photo - Elisabeth holding the envelopes containing themoney for the school needs of the four Landins who have got "godparents - Leidina, Elias, Leinira and Lou.

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