Thursday, 10 March 2016

The forthcoming trip to Cape Verde ...

The  date for the forthcoming trip to Cape Verde is getting closer and I am getting worried because I haven't yet collected all the presents for the children and already I seem to be overloaded, not to mention the prospect of possible problems I feel I might have to overcome prior to and during that volunteering trip.

One carrier bag and three suitcases, two of which completly full.

Another carrier bag filled with presents as seen from two different perspectives.

I am particularly happy to be travelling with two friends, one of them of French nationality having become my latest companion venturing onto these territories and the other one being a long time Brazilian Portuguese friend and retired doctor, who literaly saved my life when I was in Macao some years ago.

I can't help thinking about the potential joy we'll bring to the children and adolecents alike the moment we set foot on the village where we'll be staying for just three days before getting back to the capital city.

The enthusiasm starts long before we fly out to Cape Verde but together with it also the frustation of not being able to have certain people who joined the project so engaged as I would like them to. Some people simply don't realise how emotionally fulfilling it is to give oneself to others and particularly children.

I would like to openly praise those who have been committed all these years and those who have recently joined the project in an equally committed way, putting the children's interests above their own, despite being temporarily. 

I strongly believe we will have a positive impact on the lives of these children and until I am proved wrong I'll keep on flying there.

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