Wednesday, 2 March 2016

No borders - artistic instalation by Izumi Ueda Yuu - temporary exhibition at Museu do Oriente - The 28th of February 2016

I have never been too keen on modern Art though I always try to get enough information on the contemporary artists and whenever possible see what their artistic production is about and I must confess there have been times in which I was touched by what I came across in some of their exhibitions.

Izumi Ueda Yuu is a name I had never heard of before. Having  read something she wrote for the presentation of her mixed artistic approach which includes painting, sculpted objects, printing and a wide variety of objects, drew my attention and led me to the room where her "intangible" artistic pieces were in display.


(...)  And I say "intangible" because according to her she uses the surface (the tangible) as the basis of her work and the starting point to telling stories of what lies within them, the inner life of those forms and objects.


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