Monday, 14 March 2016

The latest film I have watched ...

Being a rather sensitive and taboo-like subject in countries like Morocco, where the scene sequencing  is set and the main characters of this film, a group of prostitutes is said to work, Much loved has led to controversial opinions and drastic decisions such as having the film banned in Morocco and strong threats against the film makers made.


What is nevertheless undeniable, and according to my personal opinion important, is the fact that despite all of these controversial issues Much loved has brought prostitution in Marrakech (it could be anywhere else in Morocco) into the public eye and provided a thorough insight into the equally controversial Moroccan society.


"To be surrounded and yet be alone. To be loved and yet be invisible. To be cast away even as you are embraced (...)  from the testimonies of 200 real-life sex workers , Nabil Ayouch defied censorship to provide a fascinating intimate and luminous glimpse into the Moroccan underworld."


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