Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Surrounded by Piscis ...

I had no idea I would be invited for three birthday celebration moments in a row, as I had never realised I was surrounded by "Piscis", (whom I actually get along with very well). It started off with Beta's, the owner of the hairdresser salon I often go to and whom I consider my friend, being followed by the ones of two of my working colleagues', Paulo and Pitta.

Beta's birthday (Beta blowing the candle of a small cake brought in by some clients).

Paulo's birthday (Paulo, Elsa and Pitta from left to right)

Some of the new Air Traffic Control Abinitio course students in the picture on the left and Florival and Paulo in the picture on the right.

Pita's birthday (Pitta and Helena)


A group of working colleagues celebrating the event

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