Thursday, 31 March 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (first day - early afternoon cont.) - The handing out of the presents in the fishing harbour area - The 24th of March 2016


Sonia stayed at the pension once she wasn't feeling too well, whist Noëlle and I together with Leinira walked back to the fishing port area carrying a few bags with presents for some of the children who live in its surroundings. The first ones we came across were little Jamilson and Ismael, whom we handed what Sara, Toni and Mª João had sent respectively.

A couple of boys I had met last year were handed out some boys' shirts I had been given by a friend Dulce, to which I added a few toys. Héricles was the next to be handed the presents his "godmother" Lurdes sent him, together with the money for the school needs. Both he and his mother (holding another child she has had in the meantime) looked quite happy.

Bruno came afterwards and was handed the presents and money his "godmother" Raquel sent him. Helida and Juliana followed suit and were given the presents and money sent by their "godmothers" Odete and Sofia respectively. Lara, who happens to be Juliana's oldest sibling was also given a few presents sent by her "godmother" Filomena.
 As I kept on handing out the T-shirsts Dulce had been kind enought to have given me for the boys quite a few children and their mothers surrounded us in an attempt to ask us to find them "godparents as well and if not to at least bring them some new clothes the next time.

I must be honest .... despite knowing that bringing such an amount of clothes won't be easy, especially because of weight limitations I couldn't help but photograph the children ... Those looks had me "bewitched" ... and I know now (as I knew then) that I'll do everything I can to satisfy some of their needs.

Just as we were heading back to the pension I met Tarine's mother who I had a fairly long conversation with before handing her the money for her daughter school needs.


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