Monday, 30 April 2012

Calheta de São Miguel - The afternoon of the second day - The 22nd of April 2012


The music was contagious and the girls were just taken  by it. They were soon moving their hips in the "batuko style" or in pairs as in the "coladeira" style ...


The boys took an intial position of mere observers ... laughing ... and standing there as if rather nervous and shy to "approach" the ladies" until Gerson decided to ask  Lurdes for a dance encouraging Valter to do the same, so in a matter of seconds Lurdes and Henriqueta were "sliding" along the dance floor as if they had never done anything else but dance to the sound of African music.

Everyone had a great time and for all there are no words to describe neither the party nor the children's enthusiasm and happiness ... images do seem to account for the whole atmosphere ...

(To be continued)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Calheta de São Miguel - the afternoon of the second day - The 22nd of April 2012


Inbetween the first and the second course of the party Elcy came by to have her pictures taken with the outfits Lurdes and I (as her "grandparents")  had brought for her and which she hadn't been able to try out the night before because of the lack of electricity. She was very happy with them all, which made us happy as well.

So did Mena, whom we had tried to locate the previous afternoon though in vain, as she was at school. She got the presents sent to her by "godmother" Silvia and was thrilled with them, irrespective of looking rather serious for the photograph.

In the next room the party was going on with the second course being served - a huge amount of "torresminhas", pizzas cut in squares, fish cakes, popcorn, crisps, "petits fours", marble cake cut in pieces, a pinapple cake, "doce de leite", two bowls of hand made ice cream of azedinha and strawberry, two birthday cakes (one covered in icing sugar and the second one chocolate), as well as an enormous variety of soft drinks (amongst other things I can't account for).

Some of the children looked astonished by the huge variety of "treats" on the table ... and so did we. Now we could  better understand why Marlene and Dulce had spent part of the night preparing all this. Children were very happy after the initial shock and that's what really mattered, once the party was for them.

After having eaten and drunk all they wanted, the  birthday candles were lit and we all sang "Happy Birhday" to one another ... and it was a sort of magical moment for us all ...

The dancing part of the party was soon officially "open", as the children  started following the dance steps of an African music video which was going on ...

Between the children and the dance performers on the video I honestly don't know who danced best ...

(To be continued)

Calheta de São Miguel - the afternoon of the second day - The 22nd of April 2012


I was very happy to see the porcelain models I had left at Nate's for Ângela and Leinira to paint already partially painted ... and very well painted indeed.

I managed to discuss some important aspects with Nate regarding Ângela's forthcoming University entry, as well as get information on the children Ângela is helping in regards to their school activities.

Time was scarce as we had to get back to the pension to get dressed up for the party which would start around midday, though I still had a few minutes to talk to Elias, who would soon be coming to the party as well.

We met Marlene on the way carrying the pot of soup which would be served first at the party.

Just before it started Nelsinha came around with her mother, whom I met for the first time, thinking that they were supposed to attend the party.

I had to unfortunately turn them down as I did a couple more children as their birthday dates were not from January through to April. Nevertheless she got the presents her "godmother" Susana and boyfriend sent her and was paticularly happy.

As I was taking the children to their places I noticed that all of them (with just two exceptions) were wearing the dresses their "godmothers" had sent them for the party and they looked rather confident and proud, not to say happy though simultaneously nervous as to what was going to happen.

The children officially invited for the party were - Elias, Eduardo, Gerson, Valter, Edeson, Rivia, Carla Veronica, Evelina Natalina, Eunice, Leiziny, Eunice de Jesus, Maria de Jesus, Tarine, Jessica Jociane, Jessica Patricia, Jessica Ramos, Sonia, Liliane Rosy, Leinira, Carla, Katiza, Lola ,Marcia, Ana Bina, Lavinia, Daniela, Evilise, Ivanilde and Ivanilde Elena. Three "extra" children (Diva, Veronica Conceição and little Evilise) were allowed to come for the previously stated reasons.

The first course was served - a "reinforced" chicken soup ...

Dulce serving the soup.

Eunice (left) and Diva (right)

Carla, Daniela and Liliane Rosy (from left to right)


Sonia (left) and Lavinia (right)

(To be continued)