Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My 12 day stay in Isfahan - Day 7 (late morning and early afternoon) - Isfahan - Along the Zayande Rud on the way to the Flowers' garden; The Flowers' garden - The 3rd of December 2017

Being a "defender" of the art of writing rather than sending abbreviated messages I headed towards the post office fairly early in the morning so as to post some postcards I wanted to send home.
Soon afterwards I made my way to the Zayende Rud river having walked along its banks till I finally reached the Garden of flowers I had been willing to visit since the last trip, despite the fact that I had been told it would clearly be nicer during spring.

I loved it, I must confess, not only were the Autumn colours fascinating enough but also the people I had the privilege of talking to - a family of Kurds. I feel I'll have to go back some time ... possibly when the flowers are in full bloom and the water fall is visible and I am sure I will "fall in love" again.