Tuesday, 29 March 2016

On the way to Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde - The 23rd (evening) and 24th (morning) of March 2016

Sónia and I finally managed to have everything organised  for the Cape Verdian trip, as far as packaging was concerned on the eve of the outbound flight, though the local unpackaging and distribution might certainly be equally complicated, particularly taking into account the very few days we'll be staying in the village.

I was also finally been informed that the transportation  from the capital city to the village would be ensured by the previous maire, which was really good news, as I was beginning to get worried, once local transportation could be problematic with such an amount of baggage. 

Following our check-in Sonia and I  had to wait for Noëlle who was flying in from Nantes and despite some rather worrying moments because of her flight's delay we finally made it onto the boarding gate, not before having handed out some of the extra weight to Noëlle.

The four hour flight wasn't exactly uneventful as we crossed a rather frightful turbulance area that lastet for quite a while and had many of us concerned. Despite all of the inconveniences we reached Praia on time (in the first hours of Thursday the 24th) having been transported to the local hotel where we would be staying for the night before heading towards Calheta some hours later. 

Noëlle and I shared a room whilst Sonia took a single one. I must have just dozed off for a couple of hours before having had breakfast and taken them around the Plateau ares closest to the hotel 

We had some time to change some of Noëlle's dollar currency notes, have an overview of the surrounding burrough (Fazenda), Gamboa beach, a couple of streets in the central part of Plateau, whom Noëlle and I had visited a year and a half ago, whilst we were in the city for the same reasons to these. The short trip around the various squares brought is back to the hotel, where the vehicle pertaining to te ancient mayor was waiting for us ahead of the previously agreed upon hour.

(To be continued)

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