Monday, 14 March 2016

Franz Liszt ' s Via Crucis by the Choir Vox Maris at São Roque Church, Lisboa - The 13th of March 2016

Franz Liszt being a devout Catholic is said to have written quite a few sacred music compositions, especially in the last years of his life and Via Crucis is precisely one of those Mia and I together with some friends went to listen to at Igreja de São Roque.

Being one of a series of  programmed Choir concerts to be held during the Lent season throughout Portugal  despite not being particularly exceptional, with just a few exceptions as far as choir voices are concerned,  this concert provided us with the opportunity to get to know one of Liszt's musical pieces I was not acquainted with and a unique possibility to sit quietly in one of the most beautiful churches of Lisbon under a rather spiritual reflective mood as I listened to the organ and the accompanying interspersed voices as  the composition ran throught he various cross stations.  

Vox Maris Choir
Conductor - Esteban Etcheverry
Organ player - Prof. Luis Cerqueira


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