Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas ...

We may have been very few around the Christmas table but we did feel the spirit that should guide us through this particular day and (why not) any other day. 

We did exactly what we would have done, had there been more where the four of us stood (my mother, one of my brothers and my daughter)... and surprisingly enough (or maybe not) we took pride in - the distribution of the Christmas packs for the four of us.

Miguel and I having been "solid" friends since our childhood don't need much to feel happy in each other's company (an interesting conversation about a given book  ... an image ... just anything ...).

My daughter may have joined in quite a few years later but she is for that matter the element we may have been lacking ... We make a rather special trio, I must say. Despite her old age my mother is nevertheless the "focus" character we gather around ... and the Figueira of our childhood ... the scene setting where most of our gatherings take place ...

My mother's (left). A meaningful landmark in our childhood - The beach clock (right).

May there be many more of these "Christmas" gatherings ...

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