Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 8 (early morning) - Kalaw, visit of the local market - The 19th of November 2015

Because we had checked-in at the hotel fairly late the day before I hadn't realised what a beautiful scenery setting it was located at. As I waited for Chocho to leave the cottage room whe had shared I wandered about the site.

Our first visit of the day was the local market known for having minority people descend on mass from the surrounding hills dressed in traditional costumes, but we didn't see any as it was still very early in the morning. Local markets can be very interesting and provide you with a thorough idea in regards to the area and what is cultivated. Because longyis pertaining to this particular Shan area were different from the ones I had already bought I ended up  sellecting another one.  


The Shan style longyi I bought

Very close to a Nivea advertising placard depicting a rather gorgeous Burmese male model sat a beautiful looking child wearing a shirt with the word "Cute" written on it ... How interesting the parallel!!...
 I sat down beside him as we had a monologue" type of conversation. I wonder what he must have felt and thought about me ...


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