Saturday, 19 December 2015

The latest book I have read ...

I hadn't read any Portuguese written book for the last two years or so until I laid my hands on A confissão da leoa (The confession of the lioness) by Mia Couto and let myself be mesmerised by his rather special way of writing and reinvention of our language.

Using interwoven diaries in a magic-like approach Mia Couto's Confession of the lioness reveals an enigmatic world filled with superstitions and local beliefs one's understanding cannot make sense of yet cannot disregard.

This gripping novel is "embedded" in Mozambican traditions, which Mia Couto has coloured with his unparalelled linguistic approach. 

It is definitely a worth reading  superbly well achieved real "witch" handicrafted description of an ever enigmatic Mozambique.

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