Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 9 (late afternoon and evening) - Heho airport; check-in at the Yangon hotel - The 20th of November 2015

We picked up our luggage (for most of the people in our group double the amount they had carried with them when entering the country) and headed to the closest local aerodrome so as to catch a flight going into the capital city where we were supposed to spend the last morningof the circuit.

Upon reaching the aredrome we were "abandoned" in the small crowded terminal without any announcement past the estimated time of departure and no sign of any incoming flight until out of the blue an aerodrome staff member stuck a small paper on the door that exited onto the apron letting us know the late arrival of the flight from Yangon which we would board back onto Yangon soon after.

There was a common sigh of relief and because we had been sitting around in a motionless sort of mood, many of us took to the apron and started photographing the reduced activity that was going on outside the "boudaries" of the terminal.

We left slightlty later than the announced outgoing flight time and therefore reached Yangon fairly late, having just had time to walk into the French restaurnat where we were supposed to have our last Burmese dinner and a farewell sort of party. The latter didn't occur because of the tiem but dinner was as always a "treat.

We checked-in at the same hotel we had been booked at on the first day of our arrival to the Burmese territory ... and it did feel like being "back home" ... I took to sleeping on my own again, as our guide had been booked at somewhere else. 

I woke up several times during the night as if I missed something ... she had been a great night companion and despite not having spoken much during the previous nights we spent together seing the empty bed next to mine reminded me of friendship bond we had created 

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