Monday, 28 December 2015

My Liverpool trip - Day 2 (late morning) -The Hope Street Quarter - the case history sculpture; the Metropolitan Cathedral - The 27th of November 2015

Upon leaving the Liverpool Cathedral we walked towards the Hope Street Quarter having passed by the Liverpool Oratory until we came across the case history street Sculpture by John King before having reached the Philarmonic House and finally the Metropolitan Cathedral which we visited.

The concrete luggage artistic piece we soon came across right on the corner of Mount Street and Hope Street pays an hommage to all of those who have contributed  to Liverpool's culture in some way and to be honest is rather impressive.
Just across the street  on either side another of the "Eight for 8" sculptures and the Philharmonic Hall.

We walked briefly into the Pilharmonic pub opposite the Philharmonic Hall said to be one of the most ornate pubs in Britain., whith its Art Nouveau interior. 

Ahead of us stood the Metropolitan Cathedral whose shape did catch one's attention. There was a  mess going on so we had to sit and wait for a while till we were able to photograph it, despite its mystical and rather dark atmosphere. I wasn't able to "capture" any of the manganese cast sculptures depicting the stages of Christ's journey to calvary which adorn fourteen of the buttresses of the Cathedral and were the work of artist Sean Rice.
I was impressed by those but equally by the many  artistic pieces by contemporary artists decorating the various chapels.


We spent some time in the gift shop pertaining to the Church which was richly filled with  smaller scale Christmas related artistic pieces before we headed down the Brownlow hill.

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