Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 9 (morning cont.) - The Inle Lake (cont.) - The Inpawkhone weaving workshop (cont.) - The 20th of November 2015


We continued our visit by wandering about the various working galleries where weavers were  engaged in the fabrication of multi-coloured woven tissues. The vibrant colours, even some of which I had never imagined I could wear kept on "drawing" me closer as if magic was playing a role.

Indecisiveness took over me when we got to the shopping area. I now wish I had bought a lotus woven neck scarf like Noëlle and Paco did. I ended up buying another longyi tissue because of its unique mixing of colours.

We walked out ot the workshop as proud as the Burmese that weaving traditions are still maintained, not only do they provide work to some of the woment from the neighbouring villages but also keep the Burmese uniqueness alive as far as handicraft is concerned.

(To be continued)


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