Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 7 (afternoon and evening) - On the way to Kalaw - Meikhtila, lunch and coffee at local restaurants; Kalaw, hotel check-in and dinner - The 18th of November 2015

By the time we sat at a fairly small restaurant in the village of Meikhtila we were really hungry and tired. I believe the owner of the restaurant must have noticed that as we were served huge plates of Burmese rice and noodles.

There was an unexpected problem in the small bus we were travelling so while the driver and his companion tried to solve it we sat at the central village CafĂ© having someTurkish cofee, tea and sweet samosas. Because those serving at that tables were teenagers I decided to briefly get back onto the bus to sellect a wide variety of exquisite rubbers and decorated pens, colouring books, head bands for the girls and a few other things I felt to be adequate as small presents. They were particularly happy and some even shy as I handed them a number of things.

We then drove towards Kalaw, a once favourite hill station retreat for the British officials and their families, where we would be spending the night. Because it is a rather touristic area despite the few number of hotels and our guide Chocho was having difficulties in finding a place to stay I offered her my two single bedroom, where we soon got accomodated and prepared ourselves for dinner, not without having rested for a couple of hours.

Funilly enough she dressed up in Western style (Burmese guides have to dress up locally), whilst I showed up in a rather Indian-like style (honouring the area where Sikhs, Tamils and Indian Muslims were drafted as labour force during the British reign).


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