Monday, 7 December 2015

The Myanmar discovery circuit - Day 4 (noon) - Mandalay, Sagain - the U Min Thonze and Soon U Ponnya Shin pagodas - The 15th of November 2015

Upon reaching the Sagain hill we walked up the few steps leading to the  crescent shaped grotto where 45 Buddha images sit against an amazingly elaborate light red and green turquise glasss mosaic which naturally enhance their beauty.
From its terrace one could admire the magnificent view over the river Ayeywarwady and the countless stupas, spires and temple towers glowing in the surrounding mango, tamarind and frangipani bushes. The sun inclination didn't allow me to take any pictures, which was a pity as we were on one of the highest points of the hill.

We drove back down having stopped at another  pagoda, said to be one of Sagain landmarks, the Soon U Ponnya Shin pagoda, a religious site centred on a huge stupa dating back to the 14th century when the city was first established as the seat of the Sagain kings, one of the dinasties to emerge after the demise of Bagan.

The terrace to the rear of the pagoda decorated with some of Buddha's figurative dreams, some of which I was impressed by also afforded superb views across the river to Mandalay and although I knew the photos wouldn't be as spectacular as the real views I took some.

As we were driving down and whilst sitting at the back of the open truck I managed to start a gestual conversation with two children sitting by the driver of the truck following ours. As soon as both trucks stopped I handed them some colouring books and pencils which they got visibly crazy about before they parted and I couldn't see anything apart from their little hands saying good-bye.


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