Sunday, 11 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Soares dos Reis Museum (cont.) - paintings by Henrique Pousão and sculptures by Soares dos Reis - The 4th of September 2016


Many of the following galeries were dedicated to individual artists, such as Henrique Pousão whose paintings I fell in love with, not to mention Soares dos Reis'  gallery of sculptures displaying a noteworthy carving artistry. 

Feeling tired - 1882 (left) and Girl resting on a tree branch - 1883 (right) by Henrique Pousão. 

Woman carrying water in Capri - 1883 (left) and Window with blue shutters (right) by Henrique Pousão.

Looking forwards to having success - 1882 (left) and Cecilia - 1882 (right) by Henrique Pousão.

Napolitan girl (left) and The white houses of Capri  - 1882 (right) by Henrique Pousão.

Village of St. Sauves - 1881 by Henrique Pousão.

Marble sculpture depiting the Vicountess of Linho and Almedina - 1882 -  by Soares dos Reis.

Wild Flower - 1881 marble sculpture by Soares dos Reis.

Head of a Negroe - 1873 plaster sculpture by Soares dos Reis.

Marble sculpture depicting the Count of Ferreira' - 1877 by Soares dos Reis.

(To be continued) 

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