Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My two days in York - The Castle Museum (cont.) - The 6th of September 2016


We then got into a "virtual" train ride that took us right into the war and quite a lot of information regarding the participation of the British citizens during and after the war. There were a lot of interesting stories and facts and the truth is that after having gone through the galeries one really had a much more thorough perspective of what people had to go through.

From those we moved onto a very interesting exhibition within the former Castle prison illustrating the harsh conditions that would have been experienced by prisoners, in their own voices so to say, because several actors impersonating some of those characters actually addressed you the moment one walked into the cells. We thought it was very well done, especially because it felt as if they were "real" characters. We were even given the opportunity to listen to some poems written by many of the prisoners as we walked into another cell.

We were particularly happy to realise that the money we paid for the whole ensemble exhibit was really worth it.


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