Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Aveiro - Some moments of our presence at the Techdays fair in Aveiro - From the 15th through to the 17th of September 2016

I joined the group of NAV's representatives at the Techdays Fair (the head of the operational training, two colleagues from the Cabinet of Image and Marketing and the responsible for the Human Resources Department at Administration level) by early afternoon on Thursday, with the Head of the Cabinet of Image and Marketing having already left and the Head of the Training Centre and an Air Traffic controller instructor at nthe Training Centre who joined us later that day. 

Because of having been the first time we participated in such an event we didn't exactly know what to expect. Having in mind the forthcoming Air Traffic Controllers' sellection process we did what we could to disclose as much information as possible therewith related by directly addressing young people who were visiting the three day event, handing them out informative brochures and even carrying out an open conference on the subject matter.

We soon realised that not many people are aware of what an Air Traffic Controller is or does and the important role he plays. It was clearly up to us to spread the word and further expand the importance a company like ours has.

We all feel our presence at the Fair has been of exreme importance, even if the results might not be immediately noticeable, or so noticeable in the next sellection process, mainly because of timing constraints.    

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