Sunday, 18 September 2016

My two days in York - Durham - outside the Durham Cathedral area - The 7th of September 2016


Walking around was getting more and more difficult so when we reached the Cathedral I decided to sit admiring the whole atmosphere rather than making the effort of walking into its premises for a visit that I felt I wasn't able to.

Waiting for the adequate treatment until the confirmation of the biopsy determined whether it was lichen planus was having an effect on me and for all I was being corageous in defying the odds, the truth was I wasn't in the best of my physical conditions to do things I would normally be able to do, irrespective of the personal interest.

I decided therefore to sit at the Cathedral outside grounds and not visit it, in what turned out to be a rather relaxing sequence of observing moments. Getting to know a place also implies just sitting and looking at people and the way they act at or around a particular place (in this particular circumstance a significant veneration one).

The courtyard cemetery called my attention because some unmarked graves were in the shape of people. I must confess I later regretted not having made an effort to further explore this UNESCO designated site, which also includes the Castle.

The Shakespeare pub, one of the country's oldest pubs dating back to 1190.

(To be continued)

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