Monday, 19 September 2016

My two days in York - The York Art Gallery - The 7th of September 2016

Upon reaching York and because our train to London would only leave in the late afternoon we decided to head to the York Art Gallery.

Our visit started at the Burton Gallery featuring some of the most popular and well-loved paintings and sculptures from the York Gallery.

Mlle Rachel - 1840 by William Etty. It is believed to have been painted in one brief sitting. It nonetheless captures the impression of the actress Rachel (the stage name of the French actress Eliza Felix) who went to London in 1841 and gave a number of acclaimed performances.


Rembrandt's studio - 1869 by Sir  John Gilbert (left). In this recreation of the Dutch artist's  studio he is shown in sumptuous surroundings. It is therefore unlikely that Gilbert's painting was meant as a historical accurate version of Rembrandt's studio. Hogarth's studio in 1739 - 1863 by Edward Matthew Ward (right). This imagined scene is set in the studio of  William Hogarth where the artist has just finished a portrait of Captain Thomas Coram (who established the Foundling Hospital in 1739 in London to help abandoned children). The work is a gesture of hommage to the artist whose paintings had strong moral overtones.

Paul Robeson - 1927 by Jacob Epstein. Typical of Epstein's work the rugged surface texture suggests Robeson's dynamic personality. A professional American footballer Robeson became internationally famous as an actor and singer. He is best known for the song Old Man river. 

The toilet - 1896 by Henry Tonks (left). Decoration: Morning - 1933-1936 by Dame Ethel Walker(right).

Portrait of Monsignor Agucchi - about 1610 by Domenichino.


Bicyclists against a blue blackground - 1951 by Robert Medley

We then strolled around the Centre of Ceramic Art with a wide variety of artefacts and even a workshop in the centre. A good potter is like a good cook it was written ... and maybe it is so in a sense ...
We were impressed with those pertaining to the  Anthony Shaw collection, whose thematic was varied and very modern in its approach.

Unknown girl in green dress with parrot -1725-1735 by unknown artist (left) and Portrait of Mary Lee, née Turner - 1657-1667 by unknown artist (right).



I can't deny that I really enjoyed the visit ...


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