Monday, 12 September 2016

On my way to York via Porto and Liverpool - Porto, Soares dos Reis Museum (cont.) - Paintings by Marques de Almeida, João Vaz, José Malhoa, Silva Porto and Augusto Roquemont - The 4th of September 2016


I then came across another group of Portuguese painters I was thoroughly impressed with, especially because many depicted locals and daily life scenes, thus providing the viewers with a more complete insight on what life was like in those days. 

Landscape (left) and Napolitan girl - 1877 (right) by Marques de Almeida.

Portrait of a young lady (left) and Seamstresses working - 1884 (right).

Cephalus and Procris - 1879 by Marques de Almeida

River Sado - 1887 (left) and Boats in the river - 1887 (right) by João Vaz.

The medicine (left) and The island of Love (right) by José Malhoa.

Portrait of the actress Virgínia - 1893 by António Ramalho.

Along the river Douro in Areinho (left) and Sargaço picking -1881 (right) by Silva Porto.

Apple tree in blossom -1893 by Silva Porto

Venice Canal - 1877 (left) and The broken bowl (right) by Silva Porto.

Mending the fishing nets by the quay - Italy - 1877 (left) and Póvoa - 1888 (right) by Silva Porto.

Wheatfield in the outskirts of Paris - 1878-79 (left) and The harvest reapers - 1893 (right) by Silva Porto.

Banks of the Oise in Auvers - 1876 by Silva Porto.

Selling fish (left) and The procession - 1838-42 (right) by Augusto Roquemont (1804-1852).

Portrait of an old lady by Augusto Roquemont.

(To be continued)

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