Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My two days in York - The Castle Museum - The 6th of September 2016

We decided to venture into the Castle Museum which is is housed in the former debtors'prison and the adjoining female prison. It is siad to have been constantly expanding from its original display which sprang from a collection of "everyday things".

We had no idea we would be spending the next couple of hours in its premises and enjoy ourselves as much as we did. Every period was vividly brought to life, whether it was in reconstructions of cottages, house rooms of different epochs, toys, household utensils and machinery and even by having a cobble street created from its original 19th century shop fronts with trades represented "live" and even a classroom. 

We spent some time trying on clothes of long gone epochs just to feel what it was like to wear those tight fitting corsets and corset-belts as well as a different variety of hats.

(To be continued)


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